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Why should I work with an ethics approved RFC®?

In a world of constant economic, political, and social change, consumers engage the guidance of a financial consultant to achieve financial security and independence. A qualified, trained, educated, experienced, and ethical consultant to guide individuals, families and small businesses is essential. We strive to help our clients attain financial independence and minimize risk.

RFC® are required to meet and document stringent requirements in: Experience, Education, Examination, Licensing, Conduct, Ethics, Continuing Education and Re-Certification. This designation and credential represent a high level of competency at following a financial planning process from start to finish and an ability to run a practice efficiently.

Designated Members need to have a clean record for the preceding five (5) years in order to qualify for the Ethics Approved Status.



Why should I plan my retirement with a CRC®?

With a CRC®, you will be working side-by-side with a qualified retirement professional who has earned a credible certification that meets highly rigorous independent accreditation standards.

Whether you're working on accumulating a retirement nest egg or need help creating a retirement income plan that lasts a lifetime, your Certified Retirement Counselor® will be there to help you every step of the way.

A Certified Retirement Counselor®:

  • Comprehends what today's complex retirement plans and laws mean to you.
  • Identifies appropriate retirement savings and/or income strategies for your particular situation.
  • Understands the dynamics of life changing issues.
  • Commits to high ethical standards and continuing professional education.



How is a CRC® qualified to help me?


  • Examination and Experience - a CRC® must pass a challenging comprehensive exam that tests their knowledge and understanding on how to apply retirement planning concepts and strategies as well as their ability to counsel you on how to make important retirement planning decisions.
  • Ethics - a CRC® follows a fiduciary standard of only making recommendations that are in your best interest. A CRC® is required to treat your private and personal information as confidential and not share it without your permission. They also must adhere to the CRC® CODE OF ETHICS and are subject to regular professional conduct reviews.
  • Continuing Education - a CRC® is required to maintain current understanding and knowledge of retirement planning topics by submitting to a minimum of 15 hours of relevant continuing education each year.




What is a CPFA® Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor Professional?

The CPFA® credential – developed by some of the nation's leading advisors and retirement plan experts – demonstrates an advisor's knowledge and commitment to working with retirement plans.

Plan advisors who earn their CPFA® demonstrate the knowledge required to act as a plan fiduciary or help plan fiduciaries manage their roles and responsibilities.


What are the requirements?

To obtain the CPFA® mark, an applicant must pass the CPFA® examination which covers four major areas:


  • ERISA Fiduciary Roles and Responsibilities
  • ERISA Fiduciary Oversight
  • ERISA Plan Investment Management
  • ERISA Plan Management


Once appointed, a CPFA® professional must meet continuing education requirements of a total of 10 hours completed every to maintain the certification. One of every 10 hours must be on ethics/professionalism topics.


What does a CPFA® Professional do?

A CPFA® professional is trained to develop and implement comprehensive retirement plans for each client individually. He or she has the knowledge and skills to objectively assess your current financial status, identify potential problem areas, and recommend appropriate options.




What is a CDFA® and when should I work with one?

A CDFA® is someone who comes from a financial planning, accounting, or legal background, and goes through an intensive training program to become skilled in analyzing and providing expertise related to the financial issues of divorce. A CDFA® is part of the divorce team, providing litigation support for the lawyer and client, or becomes a member of a Collaborative Law team.

A CDFA® provides the client and lawyer with data that shows the financial effects of any given divorce settlement and can appear as an expert witness if the case should go to court, or in mediation or arbitration proceedings.


  • More than 2 million North Americans will divorce this year
  • 100% of divorces involve financial settlements


If you are recently divorced a Financial Advisor with the CDFA® credential has a unique background and expertise to assist you in getting your journey back on track.

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