We offer broker services through Cambridge Investment Research Inc and advisory services through Cambridge Investment Research Advisory.

Advisors at Life Changing Financial are independent financial professionals, not employees of a particular investment or financial services firm, leaving us free from third-party influences. This allows us the freedom to offer you objective guidance, maintain our Fiduciary focus, and develop a financial plan that is based on what is best for you and your financial goals.

Complimentary Services

  • Initial Meeting
  • Personal Financial Dashboard
  • Life Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Goals Based Economic Newsletter

Financial Planning

  • Overview of Current Financial Position
          •  Basic Goals Based Financial Snapshot
          •  Initial Investment Recommendation & Implementation
  • Goals Based Financial Plan
            with Annual, Semi-Annual, or Quarterly Updates
  • Retirement Bucket Plan
            (Includes Cashflow and Tax-Planning)

Advanced Planning

  • Review of Advanced Insurance Needs
          •  Long Term Care, Disability & Medicare
          •  Umbrella, Business, Key-Man, etc.
  • Social Security Optimization Analysis
  • Life Transition Planning
          •  Job Transition
          •  Divorce Planning
          •  Loss of a Loved One
  • Advisory Input on Estate Planning
          In Cooperation with Elder Law Attorney
          or Estate Attorney (Wills, Durable POA,
          Healthcare POA, Living Will, Trusts, etc.)

Advisory Services

  • Benchmarking of Portfolio with Stress Testing
  • Employer Plans
          Management, Analysis, or Recommendations
  • Recommendation on Outside Investments
          Real Estate CMA, Etc.
  • Individual Stock Analysis
  • Advisory input on Tax Planning and Tax Projections
          (Coordinating with your CPA and/or Tax Professional)

College Planning

  • Basic College Planning Overview
          •  (ie. 529, ESA, UTMA ...)
  • Comprehensive College Planning
          (CSS vs FASFA and Help with Application)

Client Online Services

  • Meetings In Person, Video-Conference, or by Phone
          Ensuring you have access to us in an
          environment that is comfortable for you.
  • Online Access to All Aggregate Accounts
  • Unlimited Access to Online Portfolio Performance Reports
  • Unlimited Access to Goals Based Financial Plan
  • Virtual On-Demand Workshops

We also offer a fee for service (hourly services) on an à-la-carte basis.

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